The John Fisher Old Boys Association

For former pupils and staff of The John Fisher School, Peaks Hill, Purley

search for an old John Fisher School pupilHere we have two ways to find an old boy or master.

Either through our members search or through a "find a pupil" forum. The only thing is that you need to sign in or register to use this.

Registration is Free and just needs to be approved to ensure that only valid old boys, maters or honorary guests are allowed.

Don't let that put you off and we will obviously not share your details


There are many benefits to joining the old boys association and registration to this site will give you access to restricted content just for the old boys, such searching for old boys, the old boys network and adding comments. Registration to the site is restricted to old boys and teachers and is monitored appropriately.


Maurice Reaney works tirelessly to produce a newsletter of events, news and trivia connected with the former pupils and staff of the school and the variety of sections within the Old Boys' Association. The Newsletter is sent out to all members of the association and here we will publish extracts of these Newsletters.

To receive the newsletter we ask for a modest investment of £10 annually. You sign up through this site to receive each newsletter and thereby not miss a word!!


The John Fisher Old Boys offers unique opportunity to keep in contact with like minded past pupils and teachers. By registering with the site you will get

  • Newsletter
  • Access to the Old Boys Network to find and offer business
  • Search for old friends
  • Share memories of the school throughout the years


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To Sign up for the Newsletter, you must first of all Register on this site. You can be assured that your details will be safe and not shared.