The John Fisher Old Boys Association

For former pupils and staff of The John Fisher School, Peaks Hill, Purley

The friends of the Chapel was formed to assist in the raising of funds for the maintenance and improvement of the School Chapel. For those of you who have not visited in many years we will be creating a Gallery to show the work that has been undertaken and what still need to be done.


In 2010/2011, a full refurbishment of the lantern above the sanctuary of the Chapel was completed to great effect.  This was paid for by the Friends.  Proposals to improve the lighting, especially of the sanctuary, followed by the redecoration of the interior of the Chapel are presently being discussed.  A survey of the exterior of the Chapel is under way, to identify any remedial work that needs to be undertaken before any redecoration of the outside can be considered.

The Friends have been able to fund this work on behalf of the School, who receive no monies for the Chapel, because of the generosity of many donors in the past, but in recent years because of the outstanding generosity of two Old Boys.


The costs of the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of the Chapel are ever-increasing and so donations to help maintain our Chapel, of which we are so proud, are always very welcome. 

Donations should be should be sent to :

The Treasurer,

The Friends of The John Fisher School Chapel at the School,

Peaks Hill,