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For former pupils and staff of The John Fisher School, Peaks Hill, Purley

Association Book of Remembrance

'Maurice writes' Soon after the War the Association introduced the Book of Remembrance for recording the names of all those connected with the School who had died. Many years ago I was given the task, an honoured one, of keeping the Book up-to-date. During each year the Book was kept safely in my house until our Mass of Remembrance when it was taken to the School for the reading of the names. Afterwards it was returned to my house for another year. It took me several years to appreciate that this was not the proper way to deal with the matter, and so I commissioned the making of a display cabinet to house the Book, and that is where it rests now, in the first side chapel on the left as you enter The Chapel from the organ end.

Someone recently asked me how many names were recorded in the Book, and the numbers are as follows:-

Founder Bishop and Founder Head Master – 2

Benefactors – 2

Governors – 20

Old Boys Who Died in the War – 16

Staff – 63

Pupils and Past Pupils – 174

This makes a total of 277 and there are 4 recent names yet to be entered. Of course, the list is not complete as a considerable number of School leavers have no further contact with the School or the Association after leaving, and there must be a number of deceased amongst such leavers, but whenever news is received of a Fisher death the name is entered. The time is fast approaching, of course, when it will be impractical to read out all the names from The Book at The Mass of Remembrance.

Tony Avery 

I first met Tony in the 5th form of  The John Fisher School, the seat of learning we both attended in Peaks Hill, Purley. It was not a mutual love of academia that formed the basis of our friendship - it was more his confidential advice to me that, if I cycled down to Carshalton, and put my school cap in my pocket, I would find that the landlord of the Windsor Castle had a very liberal interpretation of the licensing laws where schoolboys were concerned. He was right!

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30 September 2014 14:25:00 Categories: Football Old Boy

Aidan MacDermott 

Aidan MacDermot April 3, 1923 - October 19, 2013 died suddenly on October 19, 2013.  Aidan broadcast for the BBC for nearly 20 years before moving to the US where, until his retirement, he served as an Information Officer for the British Consulate in Chicago.

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05 November 2013 18:08:00 Categories: Old Boy

Hugo Dunn-Meynell 

April 4, 1926 to February 6, 2013, aged 86

Joined the school in 1942, advertising executive and founder and former chairman of the International Wine & Food Society.

Quoted as saying "... good food and wine should be within everyone's reach." which if nothing else proves he was a good Fisher Boy!

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05 April 2013 15:25:00 Categories: Old Boy

Robin Williamson 

We have recieved the very sad news from the School that Robin Williamson lost his battle against cancer and passed away Peacefull last night. Robin will be well known to so many Old Boys, having been a hugely popular member of staff for... read more
11 February 2012 13:21:00 Categories: Teacher

Jeremy (Jerry) Norris RIP 

We have received this message from Jerry's Daughter Adele: "Jeremy (Jerry) Norris passed away suddenly on January 23rd 2012 aged 60. Jerry who lived in Wiggenhall St Germans had been strongly battling illness for almost two years. Trustee... read more
29 January 2012 14:10:00 Categories: Football Old Boy

Father Richard Fawssett RIP 

With great sadness we wish to inform you that Father Richard Fawssett has died recently aged 87 years. He lived and worked at the School from 1950 to 2004 and made a valuable contribution to many of the School’s Achievements working with... read more
01 June 2009 14:09:00 Categories: Clergy Teacher
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